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Credit: Chrismons and Chrismon Patterns

Credit: Chrismons and Chrismon Patterns

Attending a church service by invitation from a friend last Sunday, I have to admit nothing much has changed since I was last in one. There are many things I could share concerning my experience, but for today, I’d want to focus on one, the cross.

In that particular church hall, there was one big cross on the right side of the platform where the service leader stood. The cross was standing on its own and was big enough for one to be crucified on. The sight of that cross resonated with some thoughts on its meaning:

For a while now I’ve wondered why there’s so much defeat among Christians on one hand and celebrated victory which is evidently of the flesh on the other – two sides of the same coin.

In that day you will no longer ask me anything. Very truly I tell you, my Father will give you whatever you ask in my name.” (John 16:23)

We know that God is true to His promise and therefore the problem must be elsewhere. This has led me to conclude that very often this unfortunate state of affairs has to do with the ground on which we stand when we stand in prayer before God or wage war against our adversary.

The cross stands as a ‘jordan’ between old ground and new ground, the flesh and the spirit, the old nature and the new nature. By ‘the ground’ I mean the basis on which we make our requests – When I say ‘I prayed’ do I mean the natural ‘I’ or the ’I’ that has been born from above? This may seem trivial, but I am persuaded it is so much significant it determines whether we walk in victory or in defeat.

I am persuaded that before God, we have a basis of standing only when we approach His throne of grace in our new nature, which I am calling resurrection ground. It is resurrection ground because we died with Christ when He was crucified, were buried with Him, and resurrected with Him into newness of life. This new creature is born from above and therefore able to commune with God.

…you have clothed yourself with a brand-new nature that is continually being renewed as you learn more and more about Christ, who created this new nature within you.” (Col 3:10).

On resurrection ground, there is no Jew or Greek, no barbaric or civilized (Col 3:11), therefore next time you approach God remember not to do so as an African, American, Asian, or European etc…. Do not even do so on the basis of your family background, privileged or otherwise.

All these labels are only significant in our natural lives which we are admonished to reckon ourselves dead to (Rom 6:11). This is to our advantage because these natural identifications normally act as a hindrance to the liberty that is available for the children of God. The children of God all creation is waiting to be manifested have no labels, they have abandoned their natural ground and consider it dung compared to the glory to be revealed in their new nature.(Rom 8)

Beloved, let’s stand on resurrection ground and resist the temptation to revert to the old ground.