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UntitledYou are all psyched up for this trip to some place in Nakuru. You have been planning this trip for a while and actually looking forward to it.

You have left Nairobi and are somewhere around midway, say Rift valley viewpoint, when the car starts acting up and suddenly stops. With the help of your family and some passers by, you push the car to the side of the road to consider your next course of action. What do you do?

Do you,

1. rebuke the devil for standing in your way/hindering you?,

2. thank God for stopping you and hence saving you from possible danger ahead, say an accident? or

3. open the car bonnet, check what could be wrong and tighten some loose contacts, then move on with your journey?

Chris Brogden of School of Christ argues that there’s no blanket answer / response that can be applied in every situation. Apathy, where anything goes on the other hand is also not the way to go. You can read the article here, hoping you’ll find it as illuminating as I did.