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newyearresolutionsI want to make a confession of a personal weakness – “I am a spontaneity freak”. By this I mean I don’t like planning and changing plans on the go. I previously thought of this as a strength, but have lately changed that to view it as a weakness – a weakness because it goes against something profound I am learning, that I can live spontaneously.

One characteristic of this trait is that I will need to plan and project how I want things. While this may sound nice from the surface, I have found it often times a hindrance to accuracy that comes from spontaneity, being able to respond accurately to situations.

Having recognized this weakness, I restrained myself at the beginning of this year from setting goals, but being a creature of habit, it could not go beyond the first week, so I set out to plan my year. On the first day, I had two pages full of goals I’d want to achieve this year, but have not gone back to finish the list.

In the meantime I’ve been trying to settle the conflict of whether to make the plans, not set them at all, or get some middle ground where we have a balance of both..In the process, I came across several perspectives from different writers, of which I’d like to share my favorite three:

1. Jamal Jevanjee summarizes year plans into two daily goals: ” Drink a lot daily” and ” Share your drink with others daily.”

2. Milt Rodrigues says, “We cannot. So let’s decrease. And Christ will.”

3. Jeff Goins says, “Don’t waste your time with resolutions this new year. Instead, focus on something far better: resolve.”

I hope you find them helpful as I did…