Nov2013 125We are barely two months to the end of the year and then the new one, 2014 begins. One of the age old tradition for every new year for many is to make what is commonly known as the new year resolutions. These are strategies to make the new year better than the previous by dropping some undesirable habits and/or adapting some new good ones in line with what one desires to achieve.

I made my own at the beginning of 2013, though with a pinch of salt because gauging from the previous years, they rarely go beyond february before they vanish into the routines of daily life.

As I look forward to the start of 2014, thre’re some things I am increasingly feeling pursuaded cannot wait for me to make a stand on. This in particular has to do with my language and specifically in how I use words as I get understanding of their true meaning.

Through this journey of mind renewal, towards more and more alighnment of my thoughts with the thought of God, I have come to appreciate the place of language in the whole process. God has used various vessels/channels to pursuade me that language matters. How we speak , and use words matters because out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks…For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation…Among the many articles that have impacted me along this journey include this one by Roger Thoman and this one by Jamal jevanjee … I make reference to these two in particular because they are on the use of a particular word I have resolved to use accuratelly going forward, the word, “Church”.

As if to challenge/confirm this thought, as I wrote this on a sunday morning at 11:30am, a friend of mine calls me and says he’s confident he’d find me home since I told him I do not go to church anymore.

Church is the body of christ and just as the head and the body are one, so is Christ one with the Church. Church is actually Christ Himself expressed through His body, made up of many parts, believers in Him. The Church is the bride of Christ and she’s been brought forth from His ribs, flesh of His flesh, bode of His bone. The church is one with Christ.
I believe as I use the word according to it’s true meaning, the strongholds of the mind built over the years by wrong usage are broken and I am free to experince Christ and His love through the church. Language matters indeed.

I leave you with some words by T. A. Sparks:

“What, then, is this spiritual house? What is this Church? Let us not have an objective mentality about this, thinking of it as something somewhere outside of and apart from ourselves. What is it? The answer is a very simple one. The spiritual house of God is Christ Himself. Yes, but not Christ personally alone, but Christ in you, in me, the hope of glory. Oh, it is just here that all the mistakes have been made about the Church, with such disastrous results. The Church, the House of God, is simply Christ Himself in undivided oneness found in all those in whom He really dwells. That is all. That is the Church. Seek to root out of your mentality any and every other idea of the Church. It is not Christ divided into a thousand or a million fragments amongst so many believers. It is still one Christ. You and I are not the Church. It is Christ in you and in me that is the Church.”

A renewed view of Church to us all.