CrowdedHiway“I don’t want to live by template.”

This was a statement by a friend some couple of months ago over a conversation we had. Digging deeper to what he meant, I realized he was referring to a way of living by principles and rules. Template living is where one follows a life pattern based on what others do or expect of him/her rather than what is righteous for them.

This subject is close to my heart because I have come to realize that many are confined to a life of bondage to the dictates of the world system while in them there’s a seed of God that was meant to be free. I have been there (not that I have figured everything out), and I know the feeling of success on the outside on one hand while on the other hand one is caged inside. It is to freedom we’ve been called as children of God and each one has a path unique to the thought of God for their part in the bigger scheme of things.

The personal challenge for each of us is to be ready and willing to leave the broad road of template, and get onto the narrow path. I sometimes tend to think that it is a narrow path because it was meant for you and the Lord only. It is a path of ridicule & rejection because not all around you understand and see what you are seeing, and yet it is the path that leads to life. In it there is your provision, your supplies for in there, it is provided all that you need for life and godliness.

Choose the narrow path over the broad one for you are not alone; the author of the path is with you. Many ahead of you have walked and others are currently walking the path, for they understand that the difficulties and challenges for those that walk on that path are nothing compared to the glory to be revealed in them. The glory of the only begotten Son of God by whose life they live.

You are more than a conqueror in Him.