westgateOn the Westgate tragedy, here is a word worth prayerfully considering.

Bread for the Bride

This message has just been sent in an email to Christian friends in Kenya.  I feel the Lord wants it shared here also.  If you do not believe that the Holy Spirit gives prophetic messages in these times, or you are not interested in current events in Africa, you will save yourself some time by reading no further.
If, however, you do believe that the Lord speaks to His church in these days through prophecy, and care about what He is doing and saying to His Bride, please feel free to read on.  I would also ask  if you are Kenyan or in touch with Kenyan Christians, that you would pass this message on for their prayerful and sincere consideration.
Cheryl McGrath
Dear Kenyan brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ,
You are all heavily on my heart at this time in the aftermath of the Westgate tragedy.  I know…

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