DSC03706The last one month has been a particularly trying one for our family. We lost a pregnancy midterm so we have been in a season of moaning for the better part. I will spare you the details of the circumstances both pre & post for the subject of this post is another though coming from an aspect of the experience.

We have wonderful friends and family who have been of great help in various ways. One particular friend’s approach to helping us deal with the grief specifically got me thinking. They went to great lengths to give us verses from the Bible to help us deal with the feeling of loss. There were a myriad of bible verses sent so we could go through and get comfort.

You guessed right if you are thinking that even though we tried to read the verses, little actually registered. I came to appreciate that no amount of theorizing can deal with pain of such loss.

Coming back to my thoughts on the use of scriptures, most of the verses that were used are verses that we’ve known and seen before. However, at that instance, they did not seem to bring relief. There was one specific one that I have in mind; “..You fasted and wept for the child while he was alive, but when the child died, you arose and ate food..(2Sam 21). Now, our well meaning friend intended that when we read this, we’d do like David, but it  did not produce the expected results.

The gist of my thoughts is this, “why didn’t this application of scriptures work as expected?” and I think I am not too far from the answer when I say that we sometimes use the scriptures as medicine instead as of spiritual food. It is the biblical truth that we have ingested, digested, and has become flesh that enables us to minister life to others.