jesus-lion-lambThe frequency of blog postings in here have moved from at least one daily to barely one in a fortnight. Among the many reasons this has happened is my wondering what is really worth writing about.

At first when I did not find even a comment to my posts, I wondered whether there is any point in writing, but this point of discouragement was overcome when I realized I also read a lot of other people’s blogs without commenting. My hope is that even when I do not get comments, someone somewhere finds what I write beneficial in some way.

Back to what’s happening behind the scenes – I think when one is not getting direct feedback, there’s need to try and see what one writes in the eyes of the reader, not just the content, but more so the life in the writings.
This life is given by the writer and that I have tried to do by asking myself what I really want to write about. This way, the motivation ceases to be the audience’ response (though this can be an encouragement), but rather a passion driven by what has captured me.

So what is really worth writing about?
In the short lifetime of this blog, I have asked myself many questions including who is my target audience/niche; what it really is about, etc. I have come to the conclusion that there’s nothing I want to talk about more than the truth that has set me free from the boundaries of religious thinking.

This truth is a person, Jesus Christ and is manifested in the world through His body, the church. I have seen so much of this truth differently since leaving the walls of institutional religion that even though a part of me feels I am just beginning to see, I cannot help but speak what I see of my Lord. He is so vast, and beautiful I can only say, “Behold the Lamb of God.”