A couple of years back, I listened to a program from a radio broadcast series I was introduced to by a brother I have great respect for. If I remember well, the gist of the message was that in the present world, the medium has become the message instead of being just the channel of communicating the message. That was more in reference to television and I think over the years, I have come to appreciate how real that risk is.

For the last couple of days I have been thinking about the content we generate in this era of multiple mediums ranging from print, radio, tv, and the internet. Just yesterday, I was reading a book in the sitting room when my son came asking to put on the TV and watch. Before he could put it on, I asked him what he wanted to watch  and he said, “TV”. I was able to establish that he was not seeking to watch a particular program, but rather, simply TV. This answer to a great extent illustrates what I am saying – TV the medium in this case became the object to pursue instead of delivering the actual object that we ought to be pursuing. Further, I have thought since starting this blog, what the actual message of the blog is so I do not make the blog the goal.

The primary objective of this blog is to provide a platform to share the reality of the fact that Church is what those who have believed in Christ become and not where they go or what they do. Church is a living organism with Christ as the head of the body made up of many members. This reality is lived out daily and not on particular day(s) with the Head supplying continually life to live by with every member playing their part to, according to its gift build the the body until it  comes to full stature. This living out is what is shared in this blog.