Cough, cough, cough, cough… These are the sounds that greeted me when I entered the room earlier this week. I exclaimed, “no!, no!, no!,  to mean that I was refusing that cough to disrupt my evening/night. However, the cough continued for sometime and I suggested to her that she could try the other room, perhaps there was something she was allergic to in the room. That did not seem to help as one hour down the line, she was still coughing so much so it was causing pain in her chest. We decided to go to the hospital where we were treated and given some medicine after which we came back to the house and were able to sleep.

That said is just the face of what was going on within me. You see, I have been learning to trust God for everything including healing and provision. This I believe is provided for in the new covenant we have with God through the Son of His love, Jesus Christ our Lord. I had prayed and hoped that the cough would go through the prayer, but it did not happen as expected. Not only did the cough not go miraculously, but also the visit to the doctor cost more money than I had in my insurance card, so I had to pay from my pocket.

In an earlier phase of my life, I’d have thought the cause of that was the devourer taking my money because of my robbing God by not paying tithe. Fortunately, I have come to know that what I receive from God is not based on what I have done, but rather on what He has done and my believing it.

I have still not figured out exactly why sometimes healing does not happen through prayer and would really love to hear what experiences you have and what you have learn t on this.

Somehow today I got some consolation reading 1 Cor 12&13, appreciating that though some gifts may not express / manifest when I want them to, I can walk through all circumstances in Love, the most excellent way. Even when I have questions without answers, I can rest in His love.

What do you, my friend think?