Last week a group of us had the privilege of being invited to a ground breaking ceremony for a building project. After the ceremony, we were riding in the same van back to the office when a conversation ensured. before the conversation let me tell you about the ride. It was one of those 4×4 vans that you only see tourists ride on that made us feel treated really well. You know those ones that can traverse any terrain – thanks to the organizers for both the invitation and the good treatment.

Back to the conversation: It started with a question to one of us who is currently attending a school of ministry. This was the question; “Is it possible for one to be trained in spiritual things and still be carnally minded?” The conversation started there on a soft tone, but as it progressed, it became quite heated and also evolved into a discussion on, “Is school of ministry beneficial or not, needful or not needful?”. this inevitably formed three sides of the debate; those for, against, and the neutral (though I have this feeling that the neutral just choose to be quiet, but were on one side or the other).

The conversation ended abruptly as the main proponent had to alight. there was no actual conclusion, but that got me thinking. I have my own conclusion and I think the answer to the original question is ‘yes’. It is a reversed order to have the mind developed more than the spirit because one will end up living by the knowledge of good in the soul, with the spirit subject to the mind/soul instead of the other way round where the mind submits to the spirit. When we develop the soul with spiritual knowledge, ahead of the development of our spirit man, it’s like putting the cart ahead of the horse. We’ll want to be watchful that even as we gather knowledge, we do not allow ourselves to live by that knowledge before it has become a revelation in our spirit. it is like a person that fills his stomach with food and expects to generate strength while it’s still in the stomach. while this food is good and will eventually be useful, it is actually initially a burden and even slows down someone at first. In fact if too much is ingested beyond the capacity of the body to digest and absorb, problems arise and the body may need to expel some of it first to be able to continue functioning properly….what do you think?