outside wallsLast Sunday, we were having some conversation over coffee/hot chocolate, etc @ the java along Ralph Bunche rd in upper hill. Curiously, we were three couples making six of us , all confessing believers in Christ, but in a coffee house on a Sunday morning. This was unheard of in any of our lives some couple of years ago – this was God’s time that could only be spent at a Sunday worship service. During our conversation, the issue of how we’ve been doing as a Church came up and we were able to share the dynamism we’ve been experiencing both individually and as a church outside the institutional boundaries living organically in Nairobi. One of the brothers asked how it’d be like to share these experiences with more people and proposed the blogging idea. I thought that since it’s something I’ve been experiencing for a while now, it’d be interesting to see how sharing about it goes. You see, I’ve been unconnected with an institutional church for more than an year now, and have since been discovering how to live relationally and authentically outside the walls of the church building.

I was to later in the afternoon to visit a friend where I saw the book by George Barna, “Revolution“. I had heard about it, but never gotten to reading it. As I perused the book, I saw on the back cover, “…finding vibrant faith beyond the walls of the sanctuary…”. There could not be a stronger confirmation to what I was thinking.

Walls define some boundaries of operations, and I think to a large extent, the four walls of the church have acted as boundaries of experiencing life fully for me. I am dedicating this blog to sharing of experiences not outside the walls, but beyond the walls; not just those put in place by institutional religion but also other institutions that have in an attempt to keep things and people orderly, have ended up stifling the potential and experience of the same people the institution seeks to empower.

“…that we should serve in newness of spirit, and not in the oldness of the letter… (Rom 7:6)